Welcome to the website of Will Todd, composer of The Call of Wisdom as featured in the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service and recorded by Tenebrae with the English Chamber Orchestra.  Will Todd's music encompasses a wide range of musical styles and genres - from jazz to contemporary liturgical music.  We hope you will enjoy exploring this website and finding out more.

will todd image"My music is about bringing people together - jazz musicians and church choirs; top class professional musicians and enthusiastic community music-makers; brass bands and opera singers; children's choirs and wonderful organ sounds."  Will Todd

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forthcoming events

Workshop - Association of British Choral Directors
22 August 2014

Will Todd Ensemble at Pizza Express, Soho.
31 August 2014

Workshop Day - Southend
13 September 2014

Choral Workshop - Shropshire
27 September 2014

Mass in Blue - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
4 October 2014

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